City of Mount Vernon

City Of Mount Vernon

  • <p>Mount Vernon town square. (Franklin County Historical Association)</p> <p>Cars parked around a park area with trees around the perimeter</p>
  • <p>Magnolia Mobile employees (Franklin County Historical Association)</p> <p>Four men standing in front of a service station with fan belts and cans of oil in front</p>
  • <p>Fred Hogan’s garage (former Galt Livery) ca. 1946. (Franklin County Historical Association)</p> <p>Four men inside building containing tires, fan belts, and storage drawers, dated 1946</p>
  • <p>A holiday card from your favorite service station! (Franklin County Historical Association)</p> <p>Card with photo of Magnolia Service Station with three gas pumps and two service bays. Card says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Petty Brothers</p>

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is a community that has learned to change with the times while remaining true to and embracing its past. Mount Vernon was platted in 1849 and grew into a bustling town upon the arrival of the railroad in 1887. As the commercial and shipping center for area farmers, Mount Vernon’s downtown, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, built up around the town plaza and county courthouse. Brick buildings replaced wood frame construction The Galt Livery transitioned into Fred Hogan’s Garage, the downtown lumber yard buildings transformed into a café and dance hall, and the Teague family switched from blacksmithing to the car dealership business. As you drive the Bankhead west along Main Street, take note of the many homes built in the early 1900s, and stop in at the Fire Station Museum to explore historic Mount Vernon.

  • <p>Gulf Station, locally known as the Bolin Station</p> <p>Square brick building with covered driveway, was formerly a gas station</p>
  • <p>Another Gulf Station in Mount Vernon ca.1930 (Franklin County Historical Association)</p> <p>Square brick gas station building with covered drive and sign saying That Good Gulf Gasoline, dated 1930</p>

Gulf Station, 201 Holbrook St. (private property)
You’ll find several of these 1920s brick Gulf Stations along the Bankhead. This well-preserved gem still boasts its pressed tin canopy ceiling, its globe light fixtures, and original doors and windows.

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Listen to Road Trip!
A songwriting competition among friends – with talent! Jim Cleveland and son John Cleveland of Mount Vernon, along with good friend Jeff Prince of Fort Worth decided the Bankhead Highway needed to be honored in song. The three talented musicians, singers and songwriters approached the task as a friendly competition, selecting Jeff Prince’s arrangement as the winner. “Road Trip” will have all Bankhead travelers singing to the same tune!

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