City of Grand Prairie

City Of Grand Prairie

  • <p>Main Street, 1960 (Grand Prairie Historical Organization)</p> <p>City street with large signs saying Kip’s Home of the Big Boy Hamburger, Leddy Western Shop, and Western Auto</p>
  • <p>Uptown Theatre (Grand Prairie Historical Organization)</p> <p>Busy city street with water tower and tall sign saying Uptown</p>
  • <p>Minnie the meter maid, 1963. (Grand Prairie Historical Organization)</p> <p>Woman in uniform standing next to a parking meter</p>
  • <p>JFK presidential campaign, 1960 (Grand Prairie Historical Organization)</p> <p>John F. Kennedy standing on a car talking to a large crowd on a city street</p>
  • <p>Graff Chevrolet (Boston Public Library)</p> <p>Colorized postcard of a large flat building with glass front and cars inside saying Graff Chevrolet</p>

Grand Prairie

The town of Grand Prairie, with a population 300 in 1890, now sits at the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The aviation industry spurred city growth before and during World War II, and remains a staple of the city’s economy today. The Bankhead Highway appeared in Grand Prairie in 1920, when the main streets were paved as part of the completion of the Dallas–Fort Worth Turnpike. Over time, the Bankhead route through town was beautified to attract tourists. Many auto-related businesses opened along the highway and much of the futuristic signage common to the 1950s and 60s remains. The Uptown Theater, also built in the 1950s, offers a regular schedule of live performances, and recreational opportunities of all kinds are the name of the game in Grand Prairie today.

  • <p>White building with five wing-shaped canopies and sign saying Theo’s Drive-In</p>
  • <p>Sign saying Theo’s Drive In</p>
  • <p>Three winged canopies with cars parked underneath and building in back saying Theo’s Drive In</p>
  • <p>Sign with arrow saying Root Beer Hamburgers</p>

Theo’s Drive In, 2626 E. Main St.

Stop at one of the oldest operating restaurants in Grand Prairie for a cruise down memory lane. Opened in 1958, Theo’s Drive In is still dishing out milkshakes and burgers to automobile‐diners under its eye‐catching canopy.

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