City of Big Spring

City Of Big Spring

  • <p>Welcome sign (Big Spring Heritage Museum)</p> <p>Four men standing in front of a billboard that says Welcome to Big Spring Home of Webb Air Force Base</p>
  • <p>Aerial view of downtown (Big Spring Heritage Museum)</p> <p>Aerial view of city street</p>
  • <p>Downtown, 1940s (Big Spring Heritage Museum)</p> <p>Postcard with two large buildings labeled Hotel Settles and Hotel Douglas, Big Spring Texas</p>
  • <p>Petty Brothers Garage (Big Spring Heritage Museum)</p> <p>Two cars next to three gas pumps under a canopy that says Petty Brothers Garage “Snappy Service”</p>
  • <p>Stokes Motor Company, 1946 (Big Spring Heritage Museum)</p> <p>Teenagers standing in front of a building with sign saying Zephyr Ford Big Spring Motor Company</p>
  • <p>Camp Coleman (Big Spring Heritage Museum)</p> <p>Colorized postcard with low buildings saying Stop at Camp Coleman on the Hill, Broadway of America, Big Spring Texas. Cool and comfortable, modern private baths, grocery, and café. Prices $1.00 to $3.00</p>

Big Spring

One could say big dreams (and big oil) shaped Big Spring. Located in center of west Texas ranching lands, Big Spring never lacked for visionaries looking to strike it rich. In the 1920s, one such man struck oil, sparking a 10 year boom. Prosperity and growth of the time can be seen at the beautifully restored Hotel Settles. City development slowed in the late 1930s, but the country’s entry into World War II brought the U.S. Army Air Force to town opening Big Spring Army Airfield as a bombardier training school that eventually graduated over 5,000 bombardiers. It was reactivated in 1951 as Webb Air Force base in response to the Korean War and deactivated after the Vietnam War. Today the Hangar 25 Air Museum at Big Spring Airpark keeps these aviation stories an interactive experience for visitors. Get hands-on with the oil heritage and Alon history at the Heritage Museum. Enjoy outdoor recreation at Big Spring State Park and Comanche Trail Park, stopping at Depression era pavilions and amphitheaters.

  • <p>Two large buildings, one named Hotel Settles, one named Municipal Auditorium</p>
  • <p>Big Spring Municipal Auditorium, 1940s (West Texas Historical Association)</p> <p>Large brick building named Municipal Building, Big Spring Texas</p>

Municipal Auditorium and City Hall, 310 E. 3rd St.

Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash – in Big Spring, you just may have gone to their concerts before they hit the big time. The municipal auditorium and city hall, built in 1932, is an integral part of community life, whether you’re attending a city council meeting or a symphony concert.

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